Know about Alias?

Alias LLC is an IT company located in Vladivostok, Russia. High-Level Software Development Company. Our vision is to earn global admiration as a IT dev & techincal trade company, by building and maintaining long lasting relationship with people and technology and deliver functional software produtcts and excellent services.

What we do?

We provide onshore-offshore development model with our own development center based in Valdivostk. We do all kinds of software development and especially expertise in mobile application development. Our technical trade is focused to share and implment our innovative and monopolistic ideas and technologies to the global market. We bring our proficient development experience and highly qualified products to the client.

Benefits with us

Reduce Operational Expenses: Technology should streamline business operations and reduce the inherent friction of servicing customers and bringing products to market. Gain a Competitive Advantage: Outsourcing IT initiatives must have the benefit of delivering additional leverage in the marketplace for a company to produce superior goods and services. Mitigate Business Risk: The only other reason for a company to invest in technology is to provide secure and stable business operations in areas such as regulatory compliance, security and disaster recovery.

Our experience

We started from a small IT team since 2002 and have been worked in IT fields for over 12 years. We accumulated sufficient experiences and technologies in software programming and built hundreds of products. We got good reputation from clients and have been kept long lasting relationship with many clients over the world. Especially we have been worked in mobile programming for 7 years and have many senior mobile developers.

People choose us

Credit and high quality assurance of products make people to choose us and being long-term relationship clients. Wide variety of services and expertise in works always satisfy the clients and make plenty possibility in the future businesses. This way , we managed our services and supported reliable and stable works. This takes every one of our clients to get more plenty benefits and love our services.